HURT FEELINGS. The Journey into Wounded States of Consciousness and Beyond.

Getting hurt is a common, every day experience. Yet in spite of the commonality we did not develop very well tactics of dealing with it.

Our feelings are vulnerable – that’s part of our nature. Often, when our feelings get hurt, we fell into typical patterns of experience, behavior and communication – patterns that often make the situation worse…

Hurt happens in relationships. In each relationship, we have our hopes and expectations, and often we believe we share the same vision of reality. It seems we are in the same world. Hurt destroys this shared reality: the connection is broken, and the shared reality falls to pieces. The encounter between human beings is replaced by the confrontation between roles: the victim and the perpetrator.

Around this basic polarization, a gray zone emerges, full of other meanings. There the parties are not so obvious: the victim uses force; the persecutor suffers. The experience is not only felt, but also used for other purposes.



Part I. Theory

  1. Hurt feelings
  2. The flow of experience
  3. Who organizes experience
  4. Altered states of consciousness

Part II. The Trap of Hurt

  1. Traveling the world of hurt
  2. Mythical guests
  3. Communication in the world of hurt

Part III. Restoring the Flow

  1. Detachment
  2. Edges around the hurt spaces
  3. From behind the glass wall