Supervision is a shared reflection upon a client’s experience and the processes that emerge during their therapy sessions. Each process is a unique encounter between a specific therapist and their client (or clients – a couple, family, group). To ensure the client’s wellbeing is the primary focus.  The therapist’s individual style and development of the therapist must also be considered. The process happening within, in therapy, is also fascinating.

Therapists show me diverse approaches to issues which theoretically could be classed in the same category and have one clear “by the book” solution (with negative results for all) and thus we learn together, broadening the spectrum of possibilities. I am happy to share my experience and knowledge, however most of all I try to discover, with the supervisee, what is most needed in a given moment to support the therapeutic process as a whole.

I give supervision:

– for certified psychotherapists

– for psychotherapists in training

– for people working in the field of domestic violence

– for groups and organizations

The cost depends on the format and economic zone in which the work takes place;

individual sessions betwenn 60 and 120 Euros.


Supervisor’s certificate in Process Oriented Psychology, issued by Polish Process Work Association

Supervisor’s certificate in the field of Domestic Violence, issued by Institute of Health Psychology, Polish Psychological Association